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Allied pest control services offer our services to your homes and businesses safely without causing any damage to the bee’s nest/beehive removal or killing the bees.

Removing and moving a bee is sometimes necessary – although we recommend avoiding it if you can.

Many people fear bees. But know that until their hive is endangered, honeybees are not defensive and rarely invaders. If you have identified the hive and it is in a safe enough place, the most sustainable step is not to remove it.

Yet bees may often be in the wrong place, and other factors may warrant further action. You may have children or pets that could potentially damage the hive and be an attacker. People may have a severe allergic reaction to a bee sting. Your home is also an inviting structure – as bees build their nests into cavities, any space between walls or floors is a site suitable for nesting building if bees can access.

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 Recognition :

  • Shape: furry and small bee
  • Color: orange brown (golden) with black mark on stomach.
  • Size: 0.35 inches -0.78 inches long.
  • Nest: they stay in empty quiet cavities in houses or hollow trees
  • The hive contains 40,000-60,000 bees.
  • Docali will defend the hive.

Honey bees can sting, but ducali is considered and are unlikely to be a threat to people who are worried.

Sting for a cause of bees: they feel threatened, and they are either defending themselves or their nest. When bees feel threatened and respond by stinging, keep people and pets away from punches and call a professional to remove them.

Many people are afraid of bees and want to get rid of them, even of helpful breeds such as bees. Before you take steps to eliminate bee control, keep in mind that they play an important role in our food production. Of course, bees pollute about one-third of the food we eat. Please don’t kill these bees, contact us instead and we will remove them safely.

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Not Sure what Kind of Bees?

If you see bees coming and going from an opening in your home, take a picture of bees as well as the place where they are so we can positively identify the type of bees and text the pictures to send us a beehive removal request here.


First, don’t panic! Bees in a crowd are unlikely to sting, be clear of them and call us. Second, you have done the right thing by calling the beekeeper to help you. Honey bee colonies are dying of recorded Numbers from pesticides, diseases and insects. 

Only 1 will survive in 10 needles if left to compete on their own. These bees will be safely Swarm Removal by calling you local bees and given a new home, fed and cared for. Saving a bee at a time!

Here Are A Few Tips About Honey Bee Swarms

1- Call Allied pest to remove them safely.

2- Bees in the crowd won’t usually sting you if you leave them alone.

3- A honeycomb is a natural part of the bee’s reproductive cycle.

4- This is not their new home, this is a resting place for bees. If you do nothing, the bee will leave in a few days and the new permanent home will be found.

5- Do not spray the honey beehive removal with pesticides or hose. It will only bother them and they can sting you.

Recognition :

  • Shape: small and furry bee
  • Color: orange brown (golden) with black mark on stomach.
  • Size: 0.35 inches -0.78 inches long.
  • Crowd: they will land and cluster anywhere at random places.
  • The crowd has 15,000 -30,000 honey bees.
  • Inherently soft.

Bees are not welcome in the yard, especially a crowd of thousands of bees. What’s going on? Are they lost, are they sick ok, they are not sick and they are not lost. These bees have “disappeared” from their nest, a common bee-bee attitude in spring that occurs whenever bees leave their present hive behind. They just left the old hive and are looking for a place to build a new house. That scout bees have landed on your property to rest while continuing to search for the perfect place.

How Serious Are Honeybee Swarms?

The bee’s angle are docile and although they are a stinging insect, they do not sting unless. Bees sting and are left alone to save themselves so they won’t come after you. Contact us to keep people and pets away from the area and have them beehive removal safely.

Allied Pest Control Service - Bee Control Service Dubai

We provide honey bee remover. We will open your structure, go to the hive and remove the whole comb and honey bees. Reaching the hive can be a challenge, many times we will need to cut down the trees, siding, and sherlock to expose and remove the hive and bees safely. Once we are done you will need to call a handyman to repair it. We do our best to maintain minimum loss.

  • 24/7 SERVICES

Call Allied pest service for direct beehive removal at any time of day or night. In most cases, we can usually pick up your bee problem on the day your phone arrives.

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