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Are There Mosquitoes In Dubai?

In the lively cityscape of Dubai, mosquitoes seem to have their own thriving metropolis, causing sleepless nights and itchy mornings for unsuspecting residents. But fret not, for Allied Pest emerges as the hero in this insect-ridden story, proudly wearing the title of the best pest and mosquito control company in Dubai. Their expertise in mosquito control goes beyond just hitting away these annoying bloodsuckers; it’s a strategic battle against the lively troubles.

Mosquitoes, those tiny villains, find their haven in standing water around homes, breeding their hosts of larvae and eggs. Allied Pest steps in with a comprehensive approach to eliminating these unwanted guests, ensuring that residents can enjoy their space without the incessant hum of these tiny troublemakers. Don’t let mosquitoes turn your peaceful abode into a battleground – let Allied Pest be your ally in reclaiming your territory from these winged invaders.

As we all know how, annoying and painful mosquitos and substances can be. Somehow, no matter how hard you try to stop it, some of them always manage to get through the Windows and doors just to cut you nasty, itchy.


Get rid from mosquitos with mosquito killer with Biogents, highly advanced environment-friendly traps for indoor and outdoor use. Biogants mimic human skin odors attracting mosquitoes. Modern trapping technology reduces 85% the mosquito bite problem by and bite.

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  • Mosquito Control

Mosquitos are found everywhere in Dubai and UAE. These small flying insects bite humans, suck blood, and spread so many diseases with their bite. Normally, people feel itchy when mosquitoes bite. Skin can be damaged. According to the fact, a female mosquito can lay almost 100 to 500 eggs on the surface of the water.

Allied Pest Mosquito Control Service

This is achieved through investment in equipment, machinery, and training of its employees. We offer a clean, paste-free, and hygienic environment for accommodation, business premises, hotels, resorts, offices, buildings, and storage facilities. We are also providing pre and post-construction termite proofing for termite control.

We specialize in providing mass pest control services in Dubai. Over the years, the company has established a reputation and maintained a value as a high quality service provider and enjoyed the steady growth of its customer base.

We are committed to providing reliable, good quality, and hassle-free service to ensure complete client satisfaction. Even after taking precautions, if mosquitoes do not go away, then it is time to consult professional pest control services. They will help you eliminate the growth of mosquitoes in you and around your premises.

Allied pest control services will help you get rid of mosquitoes in Dubai. People living in Dubai or other UAE locations can contact us. Allied pest control here, we provide the best solution to your problem. We are the leading pest control service provider based in Dubai. We have been working with people for more than six years, and they are happy customers now.

Furthermore, we use a range of environmentally friendly quality products in our preventive procedure that helps us to control mosquito. Our certified experts will help you remove the habitat of mosquitoes and eliminate their population for a long period without wasting any time. We provide the best services in Dubai. They can provide the best treatment for mosquito problem solutions regardless of the scale of infection.

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Diseases Spread by Mosquitoes

In the world of tiny winged tormentors, mosquitoes are more than just a summertime annoyance—they’re stealthy carriers of some serious health hazards. Let’s dive into the buzzing world of these not-so-innocent insects and uncover the diseases they slyly spread.

  • Malaria: First up on the mosquito hit list is the notorious malaria, a disease caused by Plasmodium parasites. These microscopic troublemakers hitch a ride on the bite of an infected Anopheles mosquito, bringing with them a not-so-welcome package of fever, chills, and flu-like symptoms.
  • Dengue Fever: Next in line is the viral sensation known as Dengue Fever, playing host in the body thanks to Aedes mosquitoes. This unwelcome visitor brings intense flu-like symptoms, joint pain that can feel like a wrestling match with your own body, and in severe cases, even hemorrhagic fever.
  • Zika Virus: Aedes mosquitoes make a comeback with the Zika virus, infamous for wreaking havoc on unborn children. Pregnant women unlucky enough to encounter an infected mosquito risk giving birth to little ones with birth defects—a sobering reminder of the silent dangers these insects carry.
  • West Nile Virus: The Culex mosquitoes enter the scene as carriers of the West Nile virus. While most infected folks show no symptoms, severe cases can bring fever, headaches, paralysis, and, in some grim instances, death. Dodging mosquito bites is the name of the game for prevention.
  • Yellow Fever: Aedes and Haemagogus mosquitoes are the culprits behind the transmission of the Yellow Fever virus. This viral wrecking ball brings a range of symptoms from fever to severe liver damage. The silver lining? A jab of the vaccine proves to be an effective shield.
  • Chikungunya: Yet another Aedes culprit, this time unleashing the wrath of Chikungunya. Severe joint pain, fever, and a rash are its calling cards. While not typically fatal, the symptoms are nothing short of incapacitating, emphasizing the need for robust mosquito control.
  • Encephalitis: Various mosquitoes, including the Culex gang, can play messenger for viruses causing encephalitis—a fancy term for brain inflammation. From neurological issues to seizures, and in the worst-case scenario, coma, this one’s a heavy hitter.
  • Zika Fever: Similar to Dengue but with a twist, Zika Fever, courtesy of Aedes mosquitoes, might seem mild at first. However, its links to severe birth defects and neurological issues underscore the importance of keeping those mosquito bites at bay.

It’s a mosquito world out there, and these tiny terrors aren’t just annoying; they’re stealthy purveyors of some serious health risks. So, the next time you swat away a buzzing intruder, remember, it might just be a health hazard in disguise. Stay informed, stay protected!

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Pest Control Services Can Help

In the eternal battle against mosquitoes, Allied Pest emerges as the eco-friendly hero, wielding environmentally safe and all-natural mosquito control strategies. It’s like having a pest control superhero, but without the cape (and certainly without the harmful chemicals). So, why should you consider this green warrior in your fight against those persistent bloodsuckers?

Allied Pest takes the term “environmentally safe mosquito control” seriously. No harmful substances, no toxic fumes—just a strategic approach that ensures mosquito annihilation without collateral damage to your surroundings. It’s like the Avengers, but for your backyard, minus the drama. The team at Allied Pest understands that sometimes even mosquitoes need a nudge to find new neighborhoods.

Enter the realm of all-natural mosquito control, where Allied Pest becomes the Gandalf of your pest-infested Middle-earth. Imagine a world where your outdoor adventures aren’t hampered by itchy mosquito bites. This company introduces eco-friendly solutions that give mosquitoes a polite yet firm eviction notice. Consider it a green revolution in the world of pest control, making your space mosquito-free without compromising the planet’s health.

Safety and efficacy intertwine seamlessly in Allied Pest’s approach, making it a trustworthy ally in the quest for mosquito-free living. So, when you’re itching for a mosquito-free existence, let Allied Pest be your guide. After all, it’s time for mosquitoes to find a new hobby, and Allied Pest is here to help them discover it – far away from your home sweet home.


Mosquito Control Services For Your Business And Home

In the ongoing battle against those stealthy, winged intruders – mosquitoes – Allied Pest emerges as the superhero, wielding its prowess in Home area, backyard, and commercial mosquito control. These miniature mischief-makers may be small, but their bites pack a big punch. Nobody wants their outdoor haven turned into a mosquito hotspot, right?

Home & Residential Mosquito Control

Picture this: Allied Pest’s residential mosquito services standing guard against the bloodsucking invaders. They customize their defense strategy based on your indoor property’s size, service frequency, and the lush greenery that mosquitoes find so inviting. Here come the Allied Pest warriors, armed with cutting-edge gear like ATVs boasting turf-friendly tires and backpack application equipment. They unleash ULV spray treatments, turning your backyard into a mosquito-free sanctuary. It’s a mosquito extinction event but on a smaller, more controlled scale.

Commercial Mosquito Control

For larger battlefields like communities, hotels, and commercial structures, Allied Pest deploys its heavy artillery of commercial mosquito control. They’ve mastered the art of mosquito warfare – whether it’s dispensing larvicides or repellents using advanced machines-mounted equipment or the precision of handheld or backpack sprayers and other products. Allied Pest leads the charge in this epic battle against the mosquito horde.

Why should you hire Allied Pest Control Experts?

We have a competent and experienced pest control team that other users correct. Our teams include people who have the expert knowledge to control pests. We use only non-toxic mosquito control products, pet, and humanitarian chemicals in all our treatments while controlling pests. Long-term support until the complete elimination of pests from your home or offices. Our mosquito repellent spray and medicine provide long-lasting protection against mosquito bites. This natural, death-free formula is safe for everyone in the family and keeps you away from the mosquito.

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