Termite Control in Dubai | Anti-Termite Treatment

Best Termite Control in Dubai | Anti-Termite Treatment

Best Termite Control in Dubai: Termites also commonly known as white ants, Termites are the most danging structural pests in UAE. Termite problem all over UAE (  Sharjah, Dubai, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah, and Abu Dhabi  ).

Termites destroy valuable properties, door frames, wooden doors, documents, furniture, and furnishings. As u know Dubai is a hot city that’s why it is made up of a lot of sand and concrete. This makes it a good and favorite place for termites to live. Unlike the rest of the world, in the UAE, we have a lot of trees. Pretty much every home in the UAE has a tree in the garden. Termites find these trees the best and most favorite place to live and breed.

Termites breed underground, in the soil. They crawl up through the minute and cracks and crevices in the foundation and the walls of your buildings.


Anti-Termite Treatment

A.) Pre- Constructions Termite Treatment: ( Prevention ): This treatment is made during all the phases of construction of the building/Villas up to when the concrete slab is poured. This method provides termite proofing by establishing unbroken chemical barriers vertically and horizontally between the wood in the structure and the termite colonies in the soils.

B.) Post Constriction Anti Termite: ( Extermination ) : This treatment is for buildings with termite problems. We insert a chemical solution into the ground through drilled holes in areas like door frames, both inside and outside the building or villa.


Here are the main termite types these termites are main and common.

Type of TermiteDescriptionImage
SubterraneanLives underground and builds mud tubes to reach food sources.Lives underground and builds mud tubes to reach food sources.
DrywoodInfests dry wood and doesn’t require contact with soil.Infests dry wood and doesn't require contact with soil.
DampwoodPrefers damp or decaying wood and is usually found in humid environments.
FormosanAggressive species are known for building large colonies and causing extensive damage.
ConeheadNamed for their cone-shaped heads, they are aggressive and can quickly infest structures.


  • Subterranean Termite: These termites live underground and construct mud tubes to access their food sources, typically wood found in structures or trees. To learn more about controlling subterranean termites, visit Termite Control Dubai.
  • Drywood Termite: Infesting dry wood, these termites do not require contact with soil and can be found in furniture, structural timber, or wooden fixtures within buildings. Discover effective methods for managing dry wood termites at Termite Control Dubai.
  • Dampwood Termite: Preferring moist or decaying wood, damp wood termites are commonly found in humid environments such as coastal regions or areas with high moisture levels. For strategies to combat dampwood termites, check out Termite Control Dubai.
  • Formosan Termites: Known for their aggressive behavior, Formosan termites build extensive colonies and can cause significant damage to structures, often more than other termite species. Explore ways to handle Formosan termites at Termite Control Dubai.
  • Conehead Termite: Named for their distinctive cone-shaped heads, these termites are highly aggressive and can rapidly infest structures, causing widespread damage to wooden elements. Learn about controlling conehead termites effectively with Termite Control Dubai.


We understand the importance of providing timely termite control services to prevent further damage. We are committed to delivering exceptional and best customer service, ensuring your complete satisfaction through the process. We will address your issues answer your questions, and keep informed about the progress of the termite treatment.

In Conclusion, effective termite control and anti-termite treatment services are crucial to maintaining a pest-free environment in Dubai. By relying on Allied Pest professional expertise and utilizing advanced techniques, property owners can protect their investments from the devastating effects of termite infestations.

Don’t let termites take over – take proactive measures today with reliable termite control services!

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