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Post Construction Anti Termite Treatment in Dubai

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Problems Caused By Termite Infestations in Dubai

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The gleaming new villas and apartments rising across the Dubai landscape present a tempting feast for one tiny invader – the destructive termite. Recent pest control data shows a 35% increase in termite control requests as the pests invade newly completed buildings across housing developments, with the potential to devalue affected properties by up to 25%. Preventing termite infestations is crucial for protecting investments in Dubai real estate.

Benefits of Post Construction Anti Termite Control Treatment:

Protection for existing structures: Post construction termite treatment protects properties that are already built and infested by termites. It helps lessen the damage caused by these pests and prevents further destruction of wooden elements and structures.

  • Customized treatment: The treatment methods are tailored to the specific conditions of the building, the extent of the infestation, and the termite species involved. This customized approach ensures effective and targeted treatment.
  • Minimizes disruptions: Post-construction anti termite treatment can be carried out with minimal disruption to the occupants and daily operations of the building, making it a convenient option for both residential and commercial properties.
  • Cost-effective: Treating an existing infestation is often more cost-effective than dealing with the consequences of severe damage or the need for extensive repairs or replacements due to unchecked termite activity.
  • Preserves property value: By controlling and eliminating termite infestations, post-construction treatment helps maintain the structural integrity and value of the property, preventing significant devaluation due to termite damage.
  • Professional expertise: Reputable pest control service in Dubai like Allied Pest employ trained professionals who have the knowledge and experience to effectively treat termite infestations in existing buildings using specialized equipment and techniques.
  • Long-term protection: Post-construction Termite Control in Dubai often provide long-lasting protection against future termite infestations, allowing property owners to enjoy their homes or businesses without the constant worry of termite damage.

Post construction damage:

  • Termite infestations can devalue a property by up to 25%
  • Termites cause damage to wooden structures, furnishings and materials:
    1. Capable of destroying an entire wooden door frame in just 2 weeks
    2. Can damage wardrobes, furniture, clothing, books, and paper goods
  • Subterranean termites:
    1. Build nests in soil underground
    2. Worker termites forage for wood sources by burrowing horizontally up to 300 feet from the nest
  • Termite tunnels and travel:
    1. Create intricate tunnels made of mud, allowing undetected travel
    2. Can burrow through over 1 foot of solid concrete
    3. Travel through masonry, brick walls, and building conduits to access wood
  • Termite colony size and lifespan:
    1. A single colony can contain millions of termites, up to 2-4 million
    2. Colonies can survive for over 20 years if left unchecked
  • Early detection and control crucial:
    1. Subterranean termites can consume over 5 grams of wood per day
    2. Can inflict extensive structural damage over long periods if undetected

To prevent damage:

Depending on the layout of your property and the severity of termite infestation, Allied Pest will develop a customized treatment plan to protect your home or commercial space.

  • Soil poisoning treats nesting areas before construction
  • Physical and chemical barriers protect wood
  • Annual inspections find termites
  • Immediate control when detected

The specifications for each barrier may vary depending on the layout and structure of the buildings

Drilling and Injecting

  • This method is used for post-construction termite control in existing buildings.
  • Before drilling, cable detectors are used to locate underground live electric cables, thus avoiding drilling over them and preventing potential damage to electrical systems.
  • It involves drilling small holes of 16-18mm diameter at minimum one-meter intervals along the side walls, both inside and outside the building, into the masonry, concrete, or other building materials.
  • Maximum care is taken to maintain the finish of marble or tile floors where drilling occurs, ensuring minimal disruption to the aesthetic appearance of the structure.
  • Holes are drilled at intervals of a few inches along the affected areas.
  • Professional pest control technicians then inject potent termiticide chemicals into the drilled holes.
  • The termiticides spread through the wooden framework, killing termites on contact while posing no risk to human health inside homes.
  • Injecting pesticide directly into problem spots makes this a highly targeted treatment option.

Trenching and Flooding

  • This technique entails digging long, narrow trenches 1-2 feet deep around the exterior foundation and walls of newly completed buildings.
  • Powerful termiticide chemicals are mixed with water and flooded into the trenches. This creates a protective underground barrier.
  • As subterranean termites tunnel upward searching for ways into the building, they intersect with the noxious chemicals and are eliminated. The toxic perimeter can deter attacks for years.
  • Trenching and flooding during construction protects the property’s foundation before pests invade while posing no risk to interior human exposure to chemicals. The barrier stays inert underground until activated by foraging insects from nesting sites nearby.

For effective termite control, property owners are advised to take a thorough approach. Before any treatment can be applied, severely damaged wooden structures need to be replaced to eliminate breeding grounds for the pests. Reputable termite control companies will then implement a comprehensive treatment plan. This work comes with a substantial guarantee, often up to 5 years, demonstrating the provider’s confidence in eliminating current infestations and preventing future ones long-term. By combining structural repairs and robust treatment backed by extended warranties, homeowners can comprehensively address termite problems in their properties.

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