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Pre Construction Anti Termite Treatment Service in Dubai

When setting up your property foundation, it’s crucial to guard against harmful pests like termites. It’s a good option to use a pre construction termite control service in Dubai that stops termites before construction. This can keep you from having to spend more money later. Knowing why it’s important to keep your property safe from these hungry bugs helps keep your place sturdy and lasting. Let’s explore termite prevention and learn how this important service can help homeowners and builders feel secure.

What is Pre Construction Anti Termite Treatment?

The action of putting anti-termite chemicals and barriers on a property when it’s being built is named Pre Construction Anti Termite Treatment. It’s a technique used to stop termites from causing destruction later. It makes a protection area preventing termites from entering. If you put the treatment in the soil and start of the construction, you cut down the termite danger. This means not spending big money on fixing termite problems later.

Usually, experts will first look over the construction area for termites or anything that may draw them. After checking, they make a treatment program fitting the project’s needs. This plan might have soil treatments, termite barriers or similar actions to ward off termites.

Starting the anti-termite treatment even before the construction gives the building a fighting chance against termites. This adds to the building’s lifespan and sturdiness. Homeowners and builders can save from potential termite mess and unwanted cost by taking this termite control in Dubai early.

Stats of Pre Construction Anti Termite Treatment in Dubai

According to a recent study by the Dubai Municipality, pre-construction anti-termite treatments have shown to reduce termite infestation rates by up to 90% in newly built structures, highlighting the effectiveness of this proactive approach in pest control.

In addition, the study revealed that properties that underwent pre-construction anti-termite treatments experienced significantly lower maintenance costs related to termite damage, with savings averaging around 40% compared to untreated buildings. This emphasizes the long-term benefits and cost-effectiveness of implementing proactive termite control measures during the construction phase.

What Are The Advantages Of Pre-Construction Anti Termite Treatment?

Anti-termite treatment before construction has many benefits. It helps care for your property’s health. A big benefit is it stops termites from wrecking your structure. You create a termite-repellent wall by doing this before building starts. This stops termites from getting in and hurting the building.

Think of a homeowner. They get anti-termite treatment before building their new house. They shield their property from any future termite threats. They sidestep termite issues and costs that may come up later. They rest easy knowing they’re all set.

Not only does it protect the structure, but the treatment before construction also saves money over time. It decreases the need for regular pest control sessions and fixes. You handle the termite problem right at the start, keeping big bills at bay, tied to termite repair and ongoing bug control.

Overall, pre construction anti termite treatment doesn’t just offer immediate protection. It also comes with long-term safety and financial plus points. An early investment can lead to a secure, long-lasting property, holding its worth for many years.

Why Is Allied Pest Control The Best Choice For Pre Construction Anti Termite Treatment?

If you’re looking at pre construction anti termite treatment, Allied Pest Control is your best choice. Why? They’ve got years of experience under their belt! They’re known for being trustworthy in the pest control industry in Dubai. That makes them a top pick.

Environmentally Friendly And Safe Treatment Methods

We care about the Environment. When it comes to getting rid of pests, we choose safe, people and pest friendly solutions. We use products that harm neither our planet nor our customers. So, when we treat a new building for termites, we get the job done right while protecting our environment and the people who live or work there.

Team Of Highly Skilled Technicians

Our company is home to proficient experts with deep knowledge of termites and their control measures. They seamlessly evaluate termite danger related to each building work. Their assessment leads to a custom-made action plan. The personalized touch means that the termite treatment hits the mark and meets the special requirements of the construction spot.

Cutting-Edge Technology And Equipment

We use the latest tools and tech in our fight against termites. Always keeping up with new ways to control pests, we can provide creative methods. These lead to better outcomes and enduring defenses against termites.

If you choose Allied Pest Control for your pre construction anti termite treatment, you’re picking top-quality service. With us, you get the benefit of knowledge, green practices, and advanced technology. This trio keeps your building project safe from termite harm effectively.

What Stages Do We Follow When Conducting The Pre Construction Anti-Termite Treatment In Dubai?

Pre construction anti termite treatments in Dubai need to be systematic and organized. By sticking to specific steps, we can control termites effectively. This not only protects the building project, but it also stops future termite problems. Now, let’s explore the important steps of this key pre construction treatment method that our pest control team follows.

Site Inspection: First, we inspect the construction area in Dubai for anti termite treatment. We need to find termite colonies. Once we find them, we study how big the problem is and what kind of termites live there. This way, we can plan how to deal with them. The plan depends on the termite type and how many there are.

Termite Barrier Installation: Following the checkup of the site, we then put into play steps that will prevent termites from invading. We usually make a barrier around the construction area to keep them out. This can involve using chemicals, or tangible methods like a metal net. Stopping the termites from getting into the building is essential. If we make these protective walls early on in building, we lower the chance of termites getting in. This greatly lessens the risk of damage later on.

Applying Termiticides: Once we’re done laying termite barriers, we shift our focus to applying special chemicals called termiticides. They’re made to eliminate termites and stop them from coming back. When we do this, it’s seriously important to apply it correctly, this means following all rules and standards of the industry. Only then can we do the best job controlling termites.

Termite Resisting Material: Also, it’s key to use materials that resist termites and build in ways that prevent them. Do this during pre construction. That way, anti-termite treatment will do a better job over time.

When to Apply Treatment

  • Treatment should begin once foundation trenches and pits are dug and ready
  • Avoid treatment if rain has wet the soil
  • Once chemicals have been absorbed into the dry soil, construction can continue

Treatment Process

  • Surface of ground should be dry and clean
  • Chemicals injected into soil in three stages:
    • Under concrete slabs – 5 liters per sqm
    • Around substructure – 7.5 liters per sqm
    • Inner plinth areas – 5 liters per sqm
  • Treat soil around any external pipes, conduits, etc. that contact the ground
  • Pay special attention to expansion joints

Chemicals Used

  • Popular termiticides used include Chloropyrifos, Imidacloprid, Fipronil, etc.
  • Only certified pest control specialists should apply treatments

Tools Needed For Treatment

  • Pressure sprayer
  • Drill
  • Gloves
  • Masks
  • Goggles
  • Safety shoes

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